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Social Events - Exclusive to DMIN'15 attendees

In order to facilitate networking we are planning a variety of social events. These will include casual night-outs in Las Vegas, informal gatherings at the Brew Pub (Monte Carlo Resort), dinners at buffets etc. Despite a tight budget many of these events will provide free drinks & nibbles. However, you may be required you to buy your own lunch, dinner or drinks. Please see below for additional information.

You will be provided with DMIN'15 lapel pins and loops (similar to the one above) to identify you as a DMIN'15 author, presenter or attendee. Please wear your pin during the conference and social events as it will grant you access to the socials. Also watch out for the DMIN'15 pennants (small flags, similar to the picture below).

All DMIN'15 social event are casual! However, for all evening events in restaurants, bars & clubs in Las Vegas proper dress is required. Please make sure to wear appropriate Las Vegas evening attire (no sandals or flip flops, no sports shoes, no white tennis shoes, no hats or caps, no white t-shirts, no tank tops, no baggy pants, no shorts, no athletic or gym wear of any type, no t-shirts with round collar - only polo-shirts with collar are permitted). Black trousers & black shirt / polo shirt get you in even into to most clubs ...

Programme Overview

  Sun July 26 Mon July 27 Tue July 28 Wed July 29 Thu July 30
Dinner   WORLDCOMP & DMIN'15

Conference Reception Dinner

(see general program)

Evening 8:00 - 10:00pm

5 Welcome Reception at 'The Pub' (Monte Carlo Resort; just walk through the Monte Carlo Casino and turn right at the end in front of the doors to the pool area)

(Free drinks & snacks will be provided)

approx. 8:30pm -
(after tutorials)

Casual drinks
& snacks at
'The Pub'
 (Monte Carlo Resort)
- - -
For those who have signed up (pre-registration sheet at the conference)

6:00pm - ...

DMIN'15 Sun Downer Farewell Reception at the VooDoo Lounge, open air rooftop bar of the Rio Hotel

We will meet at 6:00pm at the Monte Carlo Bell Desk and take a Shuttle Bus or Taxis to the Rio.
We will have fancy cocktails at Rio's 'I-Bar' (Ground Level). Later, we will enter the Voodoo Lounge (open air rooftop)

Free drinks will be provided.

Taxi back: on your own







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Robert Stahlbock
General Conference Chair

E-mail: conference-chair@dmin-2015.com

Robert Stahlbock, Sven F. Crone, Gary M. Weiss

Programme Co-Chairs

E-mail: programme-chair@dmin-2015.com



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